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Kuchyň jako designová ozdoba

About the blog

The   stone for design blog is a place where the love of interior design and innovative materials are artistically combined, which undoubtedly includes the engineered TechniStonestone®. Projects developed on this basis are an endless source of inspiration for interior design of lasting beauty and value.

About TechniStone®

Taurus Terazzo Black in private residence in Hungary

Why stone for design?

Stone has been used in interior design since time immemorial for its countless advantages. Architects and designers love its natural form as well as its modern revitalization as a design material including the inexhaustible number of color variations that have found inspiration in nature and the latest trends. Its users appreciate the high resistance to scratches, bacteria and stains. Engineered stone is not harmful to health, does not have contamination problems when in contact with food and is easy to maintain. Therefore, it is most often used in the form of kitchen countertops, but also bathroom countertops, tiles, counters, paving and other interior elements.

TechniStone® a Czech product

TechniStone® is a material made by people for people – it contains more than 90% of natural components (granite, quartz, glass, mirrors), quality binder (polyester resin) and color pigments for unusual shades of products. Our goal is to produce quality material that meets the demands of modern times. We aspire to be in harmony with nature and take only as much as is necessary from it without disrupting its formation and at the same time try to preserve its resources. We also take into account other factors that have an impact on the quality of the environment. Discover the magic of sustainability in your home or projects @TechniStone® materials.

White kitchen with decors and TV on the wall - Interior design

Contact us

Technistone, a.s.
Bratří Štefanů 1070
500 03 Hradec Králové
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